So you want to know how I started Tara Holmes Fitness?

OK, here goes. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster (the only rollercoaster you’ll ever find me on #rollercoasterphobia).

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever (Tinkerbell)

Picture a little girl, only four-years old, nervously entering her first dance class. Her ballet shoes are immaculately tied, her hair is beautifully styled in a bun, her heart is racing and her imagination is soaring.  She has the whole world at her feet. This little girl doesn’t dream of becoming a princess, she want to be Tinkerbell – fiercely independent but able to float weightlessly across the dance floor with a sprinkle of pixie dust in her wake. 

Flash forward 14 years. After years of hard work and dedication, training as a Junior and Mid Associate with the Royal Ballet School and an Associate with the Central Ballet School, this now not-so-little girl has a letter in her hand that will change her life forever: 

‘Dear Tara, 

We are pleased to inform you that you have been awarded a place to study BA (Hons) Ballet Education at The Royal Academy of Dance, London.’ 

The little ballerina is all grown-up. Feet still clad in ballet shoes, hair still immaculately styled in a bun, heart once again racing and imagination soaring to new levels. The ballerina has bigger dreams now, she still loves Tinkerbell (because let’s face it who doesn’t?) but she now knows what she is destined to do – she wants to use her passion to inspire other nervous little girls to live out their hopes and wishes. 

But life is cruel, and dreams are sometimes made to be broken. Less than one year later, after a terrible knee injury, countless physio sessions and the misery of being unable to dance for months on end, the ballerina had to make the unimaginably tough and life-changing decision to either re-sit her first year of university again, with new friends in unknown accommodation and with the potential outcome of her injury still unknown, or return home and accept that maybe, despite a lifetime of training and expectation, this wasn’t the path for her anymore.

It was a brave, but broken dancer that returned to Wales that summer, one that knew she had made the correct, but hardest decision of her life. She knew that the mental and physical pain would have been too much to bear, and that potentially the physical injury would have rendered her unable to dance again, let alone inspire others, had she continued forward.

But this story does have a happy ending. Today we find the ballerina the happiest she has ever been, safe in the knowledge that in 2010 she actually made the best decision of her life.  For eight years she searched for the perfect career, working in a variety of different roles. She found she was at her happiest when employed as a learning support assistant in a local primary school. She loved the diversity of the job and discovered that, even on the most challenging days the children never failed to make her laugh. She was also determined not to give up on her passion for fitness.

The ballerina became a personal trainer spending her evenings and weekends studying hard to complete numerous exercise-related courses and diplomas. She wanted to turn her past negative experience into a positive future. She was not going to be beaten – she had worked too hard to just give up. Above all, those eight years taught her that even if life doesn’t go to plan there is always something more exciting around the corner.

So you can see, Tara Holmes Fitness is the result of the combination of a four-year old’s dreams, a nineteen-year old’s disenchantment and a twenty-seven year old’s determination. This has proved to be the perfect recipe for success and if you’re ready I would now love to help you achieve your goals no matter how big, small or unrealistic you think they might be. After all, all you need is a little faith, trust and a sprinkling of pixie dust.